Tuesday, November 29, 2011

{DIY} Anthropologie Snow Globes

A few weeks ago I got a call from my mother-in-law telling me that she saw the cutest craft idea for our Thanksgiving week together. She told me that she found her idea at Anthropologie. As you all know I have a little Anthropologie Crush, so I was excited to hear about what she found for us to make!

When she told me she saw these little beauties made from mason jars I knew that this was going to be a fun little craft project for the girls over thanksgiving weekend.

We first found some salt shakers at Family Dollar and some mason jars at Walmart. I also had a few jars that I had found in the pantry. The Little Christmas trees were from Michaels and we grabbed some white glitter for snow.

We wanted to add a little more snow to our trees for some drama, so we first used this spray adhesive and covered each little tree.

Then we rolled the trees in the white glitter.

And...yep...a little extra drama.

We then took off the top of the mason jar and turned it over. Then used a little dab of hot glue and glued the trees to the underside of the jar top. (For the salt shakers we just plopped the tree right inside. No glue needed!)

Then we added the finishing touch....SNOW! We used a little cupcake holder to help pour the white glitter into the bottom of the jars.

We then put the lids back on and.............

Aren't they adorable? They sure were cheap, easy and of course FUN!

Now it is off to decorate the house! These little globe guys sure put me in the Holiday Spirit! Hope to show you some Christmas decorations soon!

What have you been creating for the holiday season?

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  1. Very cute! I did the same thing for my Christmas Craft, too (: Looks a tad bit different though. Great minds think alike!

  2. So pretty! This is such a great idea!...Christine

  3. These are so cute, they look just like the Anthropologie version. I especially like the little tree in the salt shaker!

  4. Super cute craft idea! And so easy too! Love what you did! :)

  5. Thank you! I love your craft, too. What a fun way to use those materials. I will have to try this soon. I also really love your blog colors/template!

  6. These are so adorable! They look so vintage. Very fun craft! I'm going to 'pin' this!

  7. I couldn't find the little trees anywhere, any suggestions? Where were they at Micheals?

  8. Hobby lobby has the trees only a dollar a pack


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