Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Color Trend- Shades of Purple

I know what you all are thinking..."How can we add purple into our home decor without making it look too girly?" There are so many ways to add different shades of purple to make your space feel cozy and sophisticated without making it juvenile and girly. I for one am not a HUGE fan of purple, but often like shades of lilac, plum and lavender in my closet.

After seeing these paint colors in the new issue of Better Homes and Gardens it was confirmed that you will be seeing shades of purple a little more this fall. So lets take a look at some spaces where purple is being used in classy ways.

This room I love because the shade of purple is very subtle. Can you see it? The dark Plum quilt creates a cozy and rich feel to this space. 

This idea isn't very subtle, but sure makes a pretty statement. A little collection of lilac bottles really pops against the white built ins.

You all know that I love me some yellow and when paired with this beautiful shade of grayish purple it really creates a warm space. Pairing cool colors with warm colors says balanced and inviting. 

Another fabulous layering of purples, plums, yellows, and oranges within the wallpaper, lamps and bedding.

Purple is done very elegantly in this space. Don't you feel sophisticated just viewing this room? You don't have to add such an huge impact with the purple chairs, but I am loving the oriental rug that has shades of purple which you could pull from by adding a throw or pillow. 

I really love this regal feel when dark plum is paired with touches of gold. There are definitely some traditional elements to this room, but also some glamour chic. Loving the mix!


This is definitely one of my favorites spaces when we talk about adding shades of purple. You don't have to make a large impact by painting your walls purple or even purchasing expensive about just adding some inexpensive pillows in shades of plum and burgundy. You can then change the pillows out when you are sick of the color or with the change of seasons.

So what do you all think? Could you jump on the shades of purple bandwagon this Fall?

Happy Hump Day All!


  1. I've never been a big fan of purple but I think you just converted me

    1. Be neither...but aren't these spaces just divine! So glad I could help in the color area! :)


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