Tuesday, December 4, 2012

{DIY} PEACE Banner

Every year Thanksgiving night is DIY Craft night while the men watch football. Last year we made knock off Anthropologie snow globes and this year we created a PEACE banner that can be hung on either a mantel or bookshelf. Once again my crafty mother-in-law came up with this fabulous idea and even brought all the supplies!

Supplies Needed:
*Wooden Letters
*Scrapbook paper of your choice
*Old book pages or music
*Jute string
*Nature/Christmas Inspired knick knacks
*Hot Glue Gun/ Glue Sticks
*Decorative Paper Puncher (optional)

First you need to decide on what size you want your triangle buntings to be. Then you cut them out on card stock. Next, you edge the sides with 1 inch burlap strips, gluing them down with hot glue.

Then choose a background color of your choice out of memory book paper. You can find lots of neat papers at JoAnn's or Michaels! I chose to use this neat black and white script.  Trace 5 triangles.

Then hot glue the paper to the burlap trimmed triangles.

Once you have all 5 triangles put together, hot glue the jute string onto the back of them and add one small strip of burlap to hold the string in place.

Next step is to make the little paper fans. We used vintage music from an old hymnal. You could use pages out of an old book or magazine. 
As you can see we had a fancy hole punch that we used to create scallops on the bottom of the paper. We then made an accordion fold, then glued the fans to the triangle banner. 

The Last part is the most consuming, but the most FUN! Gather a bunch of "stuff" from outside or in the knick knack section of JoAnn Fabrics or Michaels. Place the "stuff" anyway you want and hot glue it in place along with the letters.

And the finished product:

Isn't it quite adorable!? I love that I can leave this up all winter because it doesn't scream holidays. You could make these for any event or party. They could spell someone's name for a birthday or say "Congrats!"  for a baby shower. The possibilities are endless....

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