Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reader's Design Dilemma {Playroom/Sewing Room Inspiration}

Today I am sharing some ideas on how to marry the idea of sharing a Sewing/Craft room/Office with kids.

A few weeks ago I got this email from Mandy:

Hi! My name is Mandy Mitchell. I need help with our playroom. Please excuse the mess!

I want this room to be a fun playroom for my 2 year old. He has tons of toys that need better organization than I have. I would like to have a bench with storage to watch a television.

The other function for the room is to be a sewing room for me. I painted a desk to act as a sewing desk but it just needs more. I want to brighten the space and make it more fun! It's BORING! Any inspiration would be wonderful! Thanks!

Mandy M.

I was so excited to start working on this project. Like Mandy, I am sure many of you have a room in your home that has a double duty. It is very important to designate zones to your space. Each zone must have a purpose and/or function with lots of organization! 

Let's see how Mandy's room looks now:

Mandy really has a great space to work with! A blank canvas, which is a designer's DREAM!! 

Let's Start with this zone first:

Mandy needs this wall to function for her sewing and craft supplies. I am thinking that something below might give her some storage for her supplies, but also give her some extra shelves for her son's toys.

I like the above plan because it gives the room some color without going overboard. It keeps the space fun for the kids, but also gives mom a little sophistication. If she didn't have room on that wall for two flanking bookshelves, Mandy could always reuse the one she already has on the other wall. Don't you love the painting!? It definitely brings a little fun to the space! These shelves could act as storage for Mandy's supplies, but she could also add some bins and/or baskets to hide some of the toys away. 

Moving on to the second zone:

Mandy was saying how she was going to add a TV in this space. How about finding some kind of horizontal shelving or even a thrifted credenza to not only hold the TV, but also house more toys and books?

Since the last mood board was a little more about mom and less about the kids, make this side of the room pop with some fun kid art above and around the TV, making a type of gallery wall. 

The Opposite Wall looks like this:

It is a bit smaller because of the doorway entering in on that same wall, but still needs to have a function. I was thinking a little art/craft/play area for that small corner. I noticed Mandy already has a very small desk there for her son.

I am thinking a large map that could really fill up that wall and make a bit of a statement. Adding a couple of kid chairs and a table would really make it useful for any kids' space! I also added a small shelf right below the map. This could be used for books or even crafts supplies. The chalk board could be added to the left on that small corner next to the window. I am starting to wish this was my space! Can't get enough!!

Last, but certainly not least is the window area:

Mandy suggested a type of bench where she could have more storage. I do like that idea and will have some inspiration on that as well, BUT I really do love having a bit of functional seating like the settee below!

Remember this is a kids space, but it also needs to be a fun place for mom too! I absolutely adore this settee from Target. It could be placed directly in front of the bay window so it isn't in the middle of the room, but could also see the TV from that view. Adding floor to ceiling drapes would be wonderful. They don't have to be expensive. They could be white with a bit of an accent ribbon to give a little pop of color. Aren't those animal prints adorable!? Adds a bit of whimsy, but keeps the space classy for mom. 

I know that Mandy was thinking about a bench for seating and storage, so I also found these inspiration pics in case she was set on having a bench.

I adore this built-in bench below the bay windows. This would be perfect if Mandy knew a handyman!

I am also adding this last picture as inspiration for colors. I am not sure if Mandy was open to painting her walls, but how fabulous would these dark blue walls be against her green desk!? She could add lots of fun blue and green patterns throughout the room. Adding some white storage would also tone down the blue walls and gives some balance & dimension.

So what do you all think? More importantly...what does Mandy think? I hope this gave you a jumping off point for your wonderful space. It sure was a fun project to work on! PLEASE send some after pictures once your space is finished. If you would like to see the sources and inspiration pictures please go to THIS pinterest board I created for Mandy!

Alright...I have another great reader's space coming up next week. This amazing reader is all the way from Belgium! I can't wait for you to check out her fabulous space.

Who else needs some design help? Send me 3-5 pictures with a description on your design dilemma via email to eatsleepdecorate at gmail dot com!! 

Have an amazing day everyone!

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  1. Wow girlie! I think this is my favorite inspiration board of yours yet! Love love love it!

    1. Thanks Amy! It sure was a fun project! She loves it and I can't wait to see her progress as she starts working on it.

  2. I looked at the pinterest board but I couldn't find a source for the tv stand. Can you tell me where it's from? Thanks!

    1. I am sorry, but I don't have a source for that sideboard. It was thrift-ed and I couldn't find the original source.

  3. I can't stop looking at the baby animal prints on the link you posted! Aw, baby animals!

    1. Aren't they precious! I love them too! I think I am going to use them in a nursery design very soon.

  4. Love your design!! I just posted my first inspiration board today... so much fun to create!! Your designs look fabulous:) I am especially taken with that last picture with the old school map... would love to find one of those!

    1. Thanks Krista! I am wishing this was my house to makeover!

  5. Any idea where I can find tall bookshelves like that with the ornate top? Great job!


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