Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Reader's Design Dilemma {Nursery Help}

Hello my fabulous readers! I am back with some ideas on how to help one of my readers with a dilemma in their nursery.

Here is what Sara Lynn wrote:
Hi Amy!
I am trying to finish up decorating the nursery in my house and am having trouble figuring out what to put above the changing table/dresser. I've looked at mirrors and shelves but haven't found anything we both like. I've attached a few pictures of what we've done so far in case you can provide any ideas. I do have some art and a monogram I'm going to hang over the bed, so that wall won't be blank anymore - just the dresser that's giving me a hard time. :) Thanks for any suggestions you can provide!

Here are some pictures of the nursery thus far....

Hasn't she done a great job so far?! It is coming together piece by piece.

So...lets talk about some options that Sarah Lynn could add above the changing table/dresser.

I have always loved the look of a colorful Alphabet in a child's room. It can grow with them throughout their school years. Sarah Lynn could even add her own colors and patterns to match the color scheme in her room.

How about this adorable idea? Soliciting some help from nature with the branch and hanging the name of the baby below. This would be a simple project. Plus the baby would love looking at the colorful letters above.

This is a similar take on the previous picture, but using a monogram instead. Finding a fabulous frame and even spray painting it to give a little punch of color to the room would be amazing!

I believe this is the same dresser that Sarah Lynn has in her nursery. It has just been tweaked a little. I am always a sucker for a gallery wall above any dresser, console, headboard, etc. This is adorable and if you haven't seen the whole nursery before, make sure you click on the source. 

Here is another little gallery wall above the changing table. This time they added a round mirror. I think a mirror would be a great idea, even if it is just a single mirror. Because there is so many square furniture pieces in the room, I would definitely go for an oval or circular mirror.

How about just a simple double or triple bunting above the dresser? This would be such an easy DIY and I can imagine that sweet baby looking up and cooing at all the pretty colors and patterns. 

I adore this picture. Such a simple idea with a single mirror flanked by sconces. Since Sarah Lynn has a smaller space above her dresser, she could always hang just one sconce above.

I love the idea of adding some history into the baby's room. These are framed clothing from the baby's mom and dad. So simple and such a sweet reminder.

Here is another example of the framed clothes. This could even be one of your favorite clothing items that someone gave you for a shower gift. 

I hope this gave Sarah Lynn a few ideas on how to go about decorating above her dresser.

Do any of you have other ideas? Please share in the comments below.

P.S. Thank you so much for those of you who have sent me pictures on your Design Dilemma's! I am working on a fun one for a reader who has two duties for her craft room. Hint...she has to share it with her kids! Come back next week to see!


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