Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sectional Couch Choices

After 7 years of whining & pleading waiting patiently, the Hubs has agreed to let me purchase a sectional couch for our family room. Let me tell you how excited I am!!

We have a small living area and with all the entertaining we do, we just don't have enough seating for our guests. The sectional couch will alleviate people sitting on the floor!! We have a decent size couch now that was a hand-me-down from my parents. We also have an over-sized chair and ottoman that I bought from Sam's Club when we first got married. And...well folks, that's it!

So...I have been hunting for several months for that "perfect" sectional couch.  I really wanted something that was classy looking with clean lines, but also functioned well for all the wear and tear that my nephew can do! I wanted my space to be comfortable, so all of my guests feel at home. I didn't want a couch that I would have to worry about all the time or try and keep clean. I mean...what is the fun in having an "off limits" room? I never understood that.

Here are some of the couches that were in the running to be a part of my home!:
#1 Axis Sectional: This was probably the most comfortable couch that we sat on. It even had some fabulous fabric that was kid, husband and pet friendly. The only downfall.....it was too big for our space! I was very bummed, but knew I didn't want our whole family room to just be a couch! Ha!

#2 Pearce L-Shape Sectional: I always thought this would be my first love. I have always wanted a sectional from Pottery Barn. Well...this one was also out because I noticed on many blogs and pictures I have seen that the back cushions seemed to not hold up that well. In a lot of the pictures I saw, the couch seemed sloppy, like it was a bed and hadn't been made for the day. No offense to those who own this couch. It is very comfortable and looks classy in the stores, but wasn't impressed with what it could look like after only a couple of years.

#3 Cameron Sectional: I also liked this model, but wasn't sure how it would look in a sectional. I got to sit in the couch version in Crate and Barrel, but really wanted a couch I could try out and visualize in person. I was also not so impressed with the back cushions. It was one large piece instead of individual back cushions. It just wasn't as comfy as some of the others.

#4 Henry Sectional: I also really liked the looks of this couch as well and I LOVED the price tag. But... it was a no can do because we don't have a West Elm near us. I wanted to be able to buy something that I could see and try out in person. 

So do you want to know the Winner!?? 
This guy was a bit of a splurge for us, but after saving for 7 years and telling the Hubs that I would keep it for like 20 years...... we signed on the dotted line. 
Our Pick!! Bennett Sectional from Ethan Allen. This was a super comfortable couch and the size was perfect for our little space. The above picture shows petite legs, detached cushions and rolled arms. Our sectional will have the shorten legs and detached cushions as well. The only difference will be the fabric and the arms. For the fabric I picked a neutral weave fabric that has grays, blacks and tans all combined. So you won't see any spills or cat hair! (sorry I don't have a good picture of the fabric to show you) Also, we went with the squared arms rather than the rolled. The designer thought it would bring some interest to our room and marry a little modern to the traditional. I agree! I love clean lines!

So that is that! I am hoping it will be delivered in the next couple of weeks! I can't wait to share it with all of you!

Do you have a sectional couch? Which was your choice? Do tell!


  1. awesome! So what you doing with your old stuff? selling it ;) If so let me know! can't wait to see all your new things in person. You need to have another craft night!

    1. So pumped it comes Thursday! My old furniture is heading to my parents bonus room for now! We do need another craft night!

  2. Buying a sectional is on my to-do list for the year. This post is a good starting point to know my options. Thanks

    1. So glad it was helpful! I know I would have liked something like this when I started searching for my couch.

  3. We have a small living area and with all the entertaining we do, we just don't have enough seating for our guests. The sectional couch will alleviate people sitting on the floor!! We have a decent size couch now that was a hand-me-down from my parents.
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  4. I like the cream sectional, it's so easy to match with the rest of the room by adding decoration elements like pillows etc. Good choice

  5. How have you liked your Bennett Sectional? Has it been comfortable? I am debating between a Bennett and paramount sectional from Ethan Allen for our living room with TV over the fireplace. It is our main area for entertaining and lounging. The paramount is not as deep as the bennett. My family's height ranges from 5'4" to 6'2" so it is difficult to pick between the two.

  6. Are you still enjoying your sofa? Have you been pleased with the comfort of the bennett? Do you recall which cushions you choose with your sofa and did they hold up well? We are interested in either the Bennett or the Paramount Sectional from EA


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