Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sherwin-Williams & HGTV Team Up!

When I was picking out paint samples for our investment home renovation, I came across a wonderful display at the Sherwin-Williams Paint Store.

I was pumped to find out that HGTV has their own line of paint, wallpaper and accessories at Sherwin-Williams. They have so many color palettes that you can pick from.

Coastal Cool

Color Pizzazz

Rustic Refined

I have not jumped on the wallpaper bandwagon yet! I just scrapped three rooms of wallpaper this past year and I just don't want to think about adding any more to our home...that being said, I do love some of the fabulous prints and textures that are now out. Wallpaper has sure come a LONG way!

I paged through the HGTV book of Wallpaper while waiting for some paint to be mixed and here are some of my current favorites:

I have been very pleased with Sherwin-William's products and accessories and 
I am still totally obsessed with Chip-It

Are you into the whole Wallpaper fad? I am not sure I want to wallpaper a whole room, but I think it would look fabulous in a 1/2 bathroom or along the back of a shelving unit. 

Happy Tuesday All!


  1. I'll have to check out their line. The wallpaper samples are beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Amy.
    ~ Wendi ~

    1. I was really pleased by their new line! You must check out the wallpaper. There was some really neat patterns and colors!


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