Monday, April 9, 2012

A Nursery Makeover

It seems to be the season for babies! I have 10...yes 10 friends having babies from February 2012 till sometime in the Fall 2012! That is at least one baby a month! Yikes! about baby shower galore!
Most of my friends know that I am not a BIG baby shower fan. I am just not in to all the cheesy baby games and such. (No offense) However I do like all the decorating and preparing that goes into a baby shower. I am actually hosting one next weekend with a few favorite ladies. I will have to show you what we have up our sleeves next week!

What I love most about the season of babies are all the darling baby Nurseries that are out there! There is so much you can do to a nursery to make it personal yet Fabulous!

Last month, my friend Shannon sent me some pictures of her Nursery. She wanted to ask my opinion on the room and how to add some color without going crazy. Shannon really likes neutrals. Neutrals are very soothing and can really work as long as you have a few pops of a contrasting color here and there. She went with a subtle Owl theme..check out her nursery thus far:

Isn't it adorable? I am really in love with the bedding!

Shannon and I decided that she needed a rug to punch it up a notch as well as something on the wall above the crib.

Some rugs that I found that might work in her nursery space are:

Lattice Dhurrie Rug in Orange or Gray

Cream Plush Rug from Urban Outfitters

Zig Zag from Urban Outfitters
(Comes in a lot of great colors!!)

We also met for lunch last week and took a stroll through West Elm. Shannon instantly fell in love with all of these fun Paper Mache Animal Heads:

They were a little pricey, so I came home and did some research. I found these cardboard cuties:

They were also more than half the price! She could even spray paint them some fun colors and hang them above the crib. Wouldn't the baby just love looking at some bright colors?

I will have Shannon send us some updated pictures as soon as her nursery is finished! I can't wait to meet her new baby boy coming in less than a month!

Are you decorating for a new addition? I would love to see some pictures!


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