Monday, April 23, 2012

My Weekend {according to Instagram}

Happy Monday! Another busy weekend around these parts, but a fun one!

A few weeks ago I shared my weekend using Instagram. I have really enjoyed using this app and love to follow all of my friend's fabulous pics during the week!

Here is what was going on around here this weekend:

Movie Night w/ the girls to see The Lucky One!

Ummm...Yep, stopped for some sugar!

Relaxed with a cold one! (not my husband, the beer you silly!)

Chased around my brother's dog "Boomer"!

Gelato Time! 

Went to Z-Gallerie for the 1st time!  
Gotta love some animal heads!

Found this gorgeous chair that I wanted to take home! 
(Maybe I can talk the Hubs into it!)

Not a super productive weekend, but a fun and relaxing one! Don't you just need one of those now and again?!

Here's to a Fabulous Week!


  1. I love that chair, Amy!! Good luck talking John into it. :)

  2. I almost bought that chair; it is great! I hope you get it:)


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