Friday, January 13, 2012

Organizing Finds

You all know that my resolution for this new year is to get organized! I had a little time between appointments the other day to shop around for some great organizing finds.

You can spend a fortune on organization items or you can shop around and find the best prices! I thought I would share what I found!
{BTW...Please don't judge the pics! I was taking pictures quickly with my phone so no one would think I was some kind of organization stalker!}

My first stop was World Market. I often walk through this store and find great items that could fit in any space.

First I found these little beauties:
I love the colors! I am really thinking about where these could go in my home. I believe the small one was $9.99 and larger one $14.99. Not bad if you only need a couple. It would be hard to justify a whole closet full (even though they are pretty)!

These are also really cute! I love the loop that closes over the wooden button. These would be great in a familyroom where you could hide DVDs or Kids toys.

I also came across this storage bench. Since we have been talking organization in our entryways, I thought this would be a great way to organize all the shoes that pile up near the front door!

My last find at World Market were these wired baskets. Can't you see these in your pantry? The are a little too country for my house, but if I took out the linings they could become a little more industrial which I love!

Then it was off to Target! I mean who wouldn't love an excuse to shop at TARGET!!

First stop was the dollar section:
These little felt baskets would be great in kids rooms to hold hair clips, baby supplies, legos...etc. Only one Doh-LAR!

These were also in the dollar section, but weren't a dollar. (never did understand that) These metal bins would also be great on shelves in kids rooms as book buckets or in a craft/sewing room for all crafting supplies. I love the different colors!

Target really went all out this year with their storage section! So many colors and patterns and at great prices!

I also found this section near the picture frames. All of these items can be written on with chalk! Yes people! I love any storage item that can be organized with labels. This section had bins and office organization galore!

My favorite section in target were all these lovely bright colored bins and crates!

They also had red and orange bins as well, but as you can see I am always drawn to the "cool" colors! {Don't Judge}

These are also a favorite of mine....wired milk crates! But at $21.99 each...I have a hard time justifying where to put them. Don't worry...I will be back someday!

On my way out of the store (only the good Lord knows how long I was in there for) I ran across the office section and found a few lookers.

Did any of you know that Real Simple has a new office line at Target!?
Me Neither!

Well....I did end up picking up a few items! I was good..I promise. I will show you on Monday what I ended up finding to organize my Laundry Closet!

Which finds were your favorite?
It's Fry-Tay People! Enjoy your weekend!


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