Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Inspiration Binder

Another post on organization you say?....YUP! You will be seeing a lot of organizing from me in 2012! I am off to a pretty good start!

I have had about 45 magazines sitting around the abode waiting to be torn apart. I saved all these magazines because each one had some inspiration or idea that I wanted to remember. Now...I know we have pinterest and the internet to find inspiration and ideas, but I LOVE looking through magazines. In fact, I get a little giddy when I go the the mailbox and find one in there! They are a stress reliever for me. I sit back with a cup of coffee or glass of wine and page through.

Well..since it is 2012, I knew I needed to get rid of the mile high pile of magazines! So as I was watching a movie this weekend, I paged through each one and tore out the pages where I found inspiration and ideas.

I then piled the pages into categories.....
The Hubs was really thrilled that I took over the entire living room floor!

I added some sticky notes next to each pile so it was easier to organize.

Then I typed up the tabs and added them to the dividers! It really made it easy to find exactly what I was looking for.

Love the color combo!

How awesome are these corner shelves!?

I love all the color combos that BH&G puts together! technically this next tab isn't "decorating" inspiration, but it could be if you thought of it as decorating your body and soul!

Each page got put into a plastic sheet protector and placed into the binder.

This is where it sits for now. I can grab it anytime I need a little inspiration or add to it when I get those fabulous magazines in the mail!

No more mile high magazine piles for me!


  1. Great are definitely inspiring me to get organized this weekend! I am guilty of saving lots of magazines!

  2. Wow! This looks great! I am so impressed!


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