Monday, October 5, 2015

Sofa Pillow Options- Need YOUR Vote!

Hello Hello! Can you believe this is the third week in a row that I posted something!? ( neither considering some crabby babies over here. )
Anyhoo...I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago and my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told him to not buy me anything, that I wanted to pick out some pillow covers for the couch! So I am in need of a little help from all of you.

I bought this floral fabric when we were in Williamsburg last year. I know it isn't quite fall-ish, but I really love the colors and think it will help me steer the living room in the direction I want to go. The picture below reads more red than it really is in person. The background is more of a coral color.

My mother-in law was nice enough to sew the pillows for me since I would have to clean off an inch of dust off of my sewing machine. Haven't seen that sweet girl in months! The pillows below are my inspiration:

I am loving the contrast between the dark piping and the light neutral back. There are so many colors to pull from in this pillow that I am having a hard time deciding on a pillow combination for the couch. 

I currently have two large pillows on my gray sectional. I wrote about simplicity a while back and this post was my inspiration for why I chose only TWO pillows

Well after a few years of loving on these pillows it is time for a change! Take a look at my five options below and let me know what you all think!

I have to admit this one is a favorite of mine. I like the modern against the traditional. I feel as though my house is a bit like this combination. I have a mix of traditional family pieces as well as modern fixtures and lines within my home. 

Goldenrod Square Key PillowTeal Velvet Pillow
I get a more traditional vibe from the pillows above. The velvet lumbar adds a bit of texture as well as the pattern play between the other two.

Citron Velvet PillowDalmatian Print Pillow
This combination is a bit more modern. I love the dalmatian print against the floral. It really kicks the wow factor up a notch!

Gray & White Pattern PillowGoldenrod Square Key Pillow
Pattern, Pattern Pattern! This combination is also fun, but not sure I can pull it off!

Gray & White Pillow, Teal Velvet Pillow, Goldenrod Square Key PillowDalmatian print pillow
This last option has a mix of all the pillows to create a bit of interest. I do love this look and could really use a mix against the sectional.

Okay...your turn! Which option is your favorite OR do you have another combination you think might wow me? Give me your best shot!


  1. Hi, we don't know each other, but I like your blog :-) Option 1 is my favorite. The black and white keeps your attention on the red flower pattern. The other options just pull your eyes in too many different directions. The B&W will also make the black piping stand out, which you say you really like.

  2. Options 1 & 2 are my favorites!!

  3. I like #4, though to be honest with two emerging toddlers, not sure they will ever look like this:-)

  4. It's #2 for me! I love anything with blue!


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