Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What to do with our TV Wall?

We have lived in our house for 6 years and I have never been happy with the layout of our family room. The corner fireplace totally throws me for a loop.

Our current TV wall and set up looks like this:

Besides the fact that we will need this space to function for a soon to be family of 4 (yikes), I want it to also look put together before the babes arrive. I have spent more time decorating different parts of the house because this room bugs me so much!

Last year the TV wall looked like this:

Even thought I loved my Pottery Barn inspired TV stand, it wasn't working in this space. It didn't fill up enough of the wall. I absolutely love the feel of the vintage white dresser that I purchased this past summer. I love combining retro, modern and traditional all into one room.

So here are my thoughts on what to do with that wall:
1. Possible upgrade to a bit larger TV to fill up more of the wall (not too big)
2. Large and small artwork flanking all sides of the TV
3. Personal photographs in black and white
4. Layer artwork slightly behind TV to give interest
5. Do something!

Here are a few TV walls that have currently caught my eye:

I love the idea of this gallery wall, but I am not sure if it is a bit much for me or not. I almost feel like there is too much going on, but I do like the mix of artwork and frames.

Pottery Barn
I have always loved this wall from Pottery Barn. The black and white with minimal objects on the TV stand call to me.

I like how Emily also flanked the TV with brass sconces for more interest as well as a need for lighting in her space. 

I have always loved the look of asymmetrical design. This wall is a bit heavy on one side with the lamp and artwork while the other is bare. Also the TV isn't centered, which I kind of like. 


So what do you all think...Which TV design is your favorite? Do you have ideas for my sad wall?


  1. Amy,

    Belated congrats on your baby news! My thought for your family room focuses on the corner fireplace ... my in-laws house has the same situation and has always felt off given it feels like a 5th wall in the room. I'd suggest dealing with the structure of the room before moving to the tv / gallery wall design; treating the corner fireplace and the tv wall with the same background could help them read as a single element and a more standard wall, also giving the weight / focus to the tv wall. Paint both walls a darker color to get them to recede and blend (even a real dark charcoal gray, navy or even black and then the white console would really pop with with frames for the gallery wall) or wallpaper both walls, or something along those lines. Going larger on the gallery wall with the corner fireplace as a separate element just feels like you may end up with too many smaller elements and it feeling busy .... and I think you prefer a cleaner aesthetic. Looking forward to see what you decide to do! Robin

  2. I love a wall-mounted TV! I think it looks more like artwork that belongs there instead of a TV on a dresser. The Pottery Barn example is my absolute fave!


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