Monday, February 3, 2014

Nursery Update {Lighting for Less}

If you all have been following Eat.Sleep.Decorate. for a while, you know we are starting to work on a sweet nursery for baby to be. (You can read more about our adoption story Here.) We were officially approved and accepted on December 11th. So at this time we are considered a "waiting family" and are patiently awaiting a new bundle of joy in 2014.

Since we are not sure when a baby will be arriving, we are taking our sweet time with the nursery.  I of course am enjoying every second of it. However, it is quite difficult picking items out without knowing the sex of the baby.  A couple of months ago some of my fabulous friends designed some mood boards to help jump start my nursery plans. I loved each one of them and have pulled some ideas that I will definitely be using in the baby's room. (You can see the nursery plans Here, Here, Here and Here)

One item that I had been keeping my eye on was this drum shade from Shades of Lights. I thought it to be playful, yet a classy touch to the nursery. It comes with the choice of antique brass or satin nickel hardware.

I had my heart set on this until I realized is was $259! I know that isn't that much money for lighting and I have splurged on some great lighting options for my home in the past, but I knew I wanted to use my money wisely in this space. I want to be smart and splurge on other items like the glider-rocker and bedding. So when I came across this pendant from Land of Nod, I knew I had made the right decision to wait on the previous choice!

Even though it is a pendant and not a semi-flush mount, I had my dad shorten the wiring and it hung perfectly! It really is a show stopper when you see it in the room.

(You can see a little peek of the roman shade I have been working on!)

The Light is even 10 times more amazing when it is turned on...

I think the little one will love laying underneath looking up...quite a sight!

So even though I had my heart set on the more expensive light, I am glad I saved a few bucks and decided to go with the Land of Nod pendant. (By the is on sale right now!) I am in love!

What do you all think? Would you have splurged on lighting for the nursery or spent your money elsewhere? 

Have a wonderful start to the week!


  1. Nice find!! I discovered Lamps Plus Open Box and was blown away by how much cheaper some of the lights are. Totally worth it. Got one for $86 that was normally 200-something. Looking forward to seeing your nursery progress :)

  2. A super great look for less :) I wasn't aware that you and hubby had moved onto the official "family waiting" list, congrats! And decorating without knowing the gender ... think of it as a retro experience ... back in the day folks didn't know and babies handled their decor just fine ;) The black and white touches you have work great for newborns since they don't see color at first and then you could add gender specific accent colors and pieces after your baby comes home. Anyway, I've heard you should decorate the nursery in a way that makes the parents happy and comfortable, since its really that sense of comfort and assurance the parents pass onto the baby that makes a nursery a special place.

  3. So cute, I love it... and love it even more that you found something that works better with you budget! Can't wait to see where you're going with the room.

  4. Wonderful decision!!! I can't wait to see the finished nursery! Such an exciting time for you! Enjoy every moment! I used to sit in my baby's nursery before she made it into the world and rock and imagine how it would feel to hold her in my arms. I knew it would be wonderful but never in a million years knew how much I would love her!!!

  5. Lovely!! What a great find! Cannot wait to see how your nursery turns out. Loving the sneak peeks!

  6. The light is beautiful! I'm so excited for you and your hubby. Waiting is hard, but I'm sure that planning your sweet nursery definitely makes it a bit easier! Can't wait to see more!


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