Monday, February 24, 2014

An Organized Coat Closet

Happy Monday! So glad we are off to a fresh new week.

Over the weekend I finally finished organizing our coat closet. It has been bugging me for some time now and all it needed was an hour of my time! I took everything out of the closet and sorted what I was keeping, donating and throwing away. Then I dusted, vacuumed and moped! It was a fresh start!!

I picked up just a few items from Target to complete this project! Wooden Hangers, Plastic Baskets & one large Woven basket.

These woven plastic bins are my favorite! I have used them all over our house including our Laundry Closet Makeover. They are so easy to wipe down. I reused a basket that I already had for the various cat supplies that were just laying on the floor. I already had these chalk board labels and used my favorite Chalk Markers to label the baskets. You can find some great labels at Staples in the Martha Stewart Section if you don't have a label maker at home.

I love this woven basket. It is really large and made of plastic fibers which is easy to clean with some soap and water! This special basket contains all my books and toys for when my niece and nephew stop by. So convenient to just pull out and store.

Matching hangers were a must! The plastic hangers weren't tough enough for the heavy coats. I love how the wooden hangers have really helped create a more esthetically pleasing space. Only $13.99 for a pack of 24! I thought it was a great deal and I have leftover hangers to use in our other closets.

I am very pumped at how it turned out. Now I can open the door and not feel like I need to immediately shut it so I won't become overwhelmed!

You might have also noticed a couple hats hanging on the door and right on the inside wall. I used some 3M hooks I had to hang the random hats that were thrown in the closet. Now we can actually find them!

Pretty Great..don't you think? It took me less than an hour to rummage through everything and get the items organized where I wanted them. A trip to Target or the Container store was also very inspiring! You may not have the extra funds to get new containers, bins or baskets. But, just walking around those stores you can get ideas on how to best organize your own spaces. Think of re-purposing items around your home or using baskets and bins you might have laying in your attic or basement. You don't always have to buy new to create organized spaces!

So what DIY or Organizing projects do you have going on around your home? Do you need a little accountability to get them finished? Email me at: Eatsleepdecorate(at)gmail(dot)com and let's get you motivated!

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Have a great start to your week my sweets! xoxo

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  1. we have those woven plastic bins too - love 'em - though all the targets in our area have run out of stock. might have to pick up some more on my next trip down to raleigh. love how neatly you organize each nook in the house. now. can you come over and do our place? ;D


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