Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Treats #6- DIY Inspiration from around the web

Yesterday was a bust with blogging since the whole day was taken up with working on our Adoption book. I was so indecisive when it came to picking pictures and which pictures would the birth parents like better, etc. I really never knew how much went in to all of this. BUT...we are getting closer with each step checked off the list and a lot of praying!

So... on to Tuesday! I am excited to share some ideas I have found around the web the past couple of weeks. So many talented ladies and gents out there that it was so hard for me to narrow down the ideas this week. Of course most of the ideas are holiday related since we are getting closer! Have you all started decorating? If you have...you are certainly ahead of me. We usually like to wait until Thanksgiving is over, but since it is so late this year I think we may just start decorating this weekend.

Okay..enjoy some great inspiration!

ONE: Printable Thankful Tags
If you all saw my Thanksgiving Table last week, then you probably noticed the cute little name tags that were on each place setting. I found those darling tags from Jones Design Company. She has four different types that she has created and they are Free to download and print! Perfect for your guests next week. You could make a thankful tree or use them on sweet little gifts.

TWO: White and Gray Kitchen by Caitlin Wilson
I am seriously in love with this gorgeous kitchen designed by the lovely Caitlin Wilson. I love the contrast of the dark gray cabinets and those chevron floors are to die for. You must click HERE to see the rest of this amazing space.

THREE: DIY Ornament Garland
I always wondered how people got the full garland look when using ornaments instead of tree trimmings. I love this DIY and actually think I might use this idea somewhere in the home for Christmas. You could use any color scheme that worked in your own space. Love this!

Even though this recipe is for summer seasons, I liked the idea of little appetizer salads even for the holidays. I am a HUGE fan of appetizers and would really just like to eat small amounts of everything rather than fix a large dinner for guests. Just my thing...

FIVE: Top Holiday Playlist
Okay I might be jumping the gun here, but I am Al-most ready to start playing my holiday CD's and playlists. I found a great list of songs from this site that you might want to download to get ready for the holiday season! You will thank me later!

Treats and Ideas inspire me daily...follow me on Pinterest to see more!

Happy Tuesday All...just keep plugging and know tomorrow is Hump Day! XOXO


  1. Thanks for sharing! Love Emily. And, those individual salads are fantastic.

    1. Thanks Emily! I love entertaining and think those salad Appetizers are perfection as well!

  2. Great idea on the individual salads... and thanks for the playlist! Both may come in very handy for the Christmas party we host in a few weeks. I know the adoption book will be fab... can't imagine how hard it is to decide what goes inside it!


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