Monday, November 11, 2013

Fur Trends in Home Decor & Fashion

Welcome back to a new week! It has been a whirlwind over here, but I am actually glad to be back on a routine. I NEED my routine's to

Today we are talking about the Fur Trend that is showing up everywhere from Target to Macy's to Potterybarn! For some reason I have always loved furs. My grandmother was a very classy lady and always had fur coats and hats in the wintertime. There is something about fur that creates a cozy comfortable

I am personally a fan of small touches like a throw at the end of a bed, a couple fur pillows on a settee, a small foot stool covered in fur or a small rug by the side of the bed. Too many fur pieces makes the room feel like a hunting lodge. Just the right amount can make a space feel classy and cozy.
You can find some great faux fur throws Here, Here and Here. I love this fur pouf and these adorable stools.

How about adding a little throw under the Christmas tree this year? If you are in the market for a fur tree skirt go HERE and HERE.

You can find fur throughout the fashion industry right now as well. I have been really loving the touch a fur vest can bring to an outfit. It can be paired with jeans for a casual look or with a dress for a night out. 

Some great fur vests out in stores now can be found Here, Here and Here
I actually found one I loved in the...wait for it....Girls section at Target! Yep! I tried on the XL in the girls and it fit perfectly. Unfortunately, I didn't buy it when I saw it. I went back only to find they didn't have my size anymore. I called every store in the Raleigh area and also the Buffalo, NY area (where my in laws live) only to find out that they were out of stock. And..also out of stock online! Bummer. I finally found one at a store in Erie, PA. My bestie picked it up for me and shipped it down here. Now..that is a best friend I tell ya! 

And here is a not so flattering picture of me modeling it as soon as I ripped it out of the box! For $22.99 I couldn't resist! 

I also grabbed this Navy Down Vest with Fur trim from the Gap a few weeks ago. I wear it All.The.Time!

So tell me...have you added some fur to your home decor or wardrobe for the winter? If you haven't, then get busy!

Have a great week all!

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  1. I am IN LOVE with the Target vest. I just did a thorough search to find it in a store anywhere where I know someone living… I have produced zero results. This is too sad!! That is the EXACT fur vest I have been looking for.

    1. That is such a bummer! I love the vest and have been getting lots of compliments! There is a women's version at target online and may be in your store that I found this week:

  2. found the kids vest on target! i am buying it right now!


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