Monday, October 28, 2013

Scenes from our weekend

Welcome to Monday folks! Wasn't it hard to get out of bed this morning? It is dark here till after 7am, making it very hard to get my behind out of bed! Next weekend is Fall back on our clocks, which will hopefully get all of us out of bed earlier!

Well it was a beautiful fall weekend here in NC and we so enjoyed it with lot of great activities with family and friends. Some of you who follow me on Instagram saw all the festivities going on at the NC Fair on Friday.

It was quite chilly out. I had about 4 layers on including leggings under my jeans! BUT..I was warm!

I was seriously so excited about the fried dough! I was good all week so I could enjoy this "healthy" treat!

The Hubs and Dad enjoyed some games! But sadly no stuffed animal for me or mom!

More Junk...candy apple.

And..yet more...Cotton Candy!

Don't you just love the fair lights and atmosphere at night! I sure do and what a fun tradition we have started!

Saturday morning was go time! Back to the gym early to work off all of the calories from the night before. (I didn't even show you everything we ate!) I also tried a new class called Inner Strength. It is kind of like Pilates and Yoga with a bar that is suppose to help keep you balanced. I may have fallen over at least 5 times!

Saturday night was also fun. We had some good friends over for Chili and Apple Crisp. And...we also started a new tradition of pumpkin carving. We use to carve pumpkins each year with our close friends that lived down the road from us, but after they moved away we were too sad to keep the tradition going for a couple of years. Well...we were back at it this year!



Mine is the one in the middle. Kind of loving the black cat..maybe it will scare all the trick or treaters away this week so I can keep the candy! (Just Kidding!)

Sunday was a day at home in my PJs! I enjoyed some coffee and worked on a Readers Redesign most of the day! I can't wait to show you all how it came out. I am so happy with how it came out and I sure hope my reader is too!

A Little quick peek!

I didn't bore you with all the cleaning activities around here! Aren't you glad? 
Please keep me and the Hubs in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow morning! Our social worker will be here for our Home Study! One more step closer to bringing our sweet baby home. If you missed the post on our Adoption Announcement, you can catch up HERE.

Have a wonderful week sweets!!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great weekend. It was chilly here too, but I am ready for sweater weather! What's a fair without all that yummy goodness?!!!

    1. It was a great time! It was nice to be bundled up...I was getting a bit tired of my flip flops! :)

  2. We missed the fair this year, total bummer. My favourite is always the NC State ice cream.

    Love the Inner Strength classes too. I used to take it once a week and it greatly increased my balance but then the instructor left our gym :(

    Anyways here is the info for the NC Bloggers Buzz. She is doing it quarterly but I don't know if anything is actually planned yet for the next event. But you can join the facebook page to get updates. It was fun (mainly Fashion bloggers though).


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