Monday, October 21, 2013

Sweet Velvet Pumpkins

A few weeks ago I saw an amazing giveaway for these sweet little pumpkins below. I usually at least "Try" to win. When I found out I was NOT the winner, I went to look them up to see how much they were to buy.

They are beautiful....BUT can you believe they are $98 for three! I mean they are probably made very well and out of diamonds real velvet, but I just couldn't pull the trigger. That is when my light bulb kicked on..." I could totally make these! How hard could it be!?"

My mother-in law was in town and she was totally on board to help me with a little DIY. Here are my quick instructions. You can also find some great tutorials around on pinterest.


Also: 2-3" Needle, hot glue gun & heavy thread

**Instead of velvet I used velveteen and velour to cut down on the cost!**
**Pumpkin stems were given to us at the farm after we bought a couple of our own.**

How to:

1. Since we were on vacation while doing this project we used plates and bowls that we found in the condo to be our templates. We traced them onto the fabric with a pen and used fabric scissors to cut the circle. 

Here are our measurements and what size plate/bowl made what size pumpkin:
- 15" plate/bowl = 6" pumpkin
-12.5" plate/bowl = 5" pumpkin
-10.5" plate/bowl = 4" pumpkin

2. Next we used a heavy weight thread and long needle to make a stitch around the top of the cut fabric. Using a long needle helped weave the fabric almost perfectly!
**We also doubled the thread to make sure it wouldn't break**

3. Once you have made your stitch around the top make sure you leave the thread long at both ends. This will be needed to tie the velvet tight. 

4. Fill and Stuff your pumpkin! We used some leftover doll beads and put at least a half of a cup in the bottom to give it some weight. You can use any type of beans like above. Then we stuffed the rest of the pumpkin with polyfill stuffing to give it the shape we wanted. (we added more for a plump pumpkin and less for a squatty pumpkin.)

5. Here is where those long strings come in handy! Pull the thread tight and give it a few knots to hold the top in place.

6. Cut the extra thread and work your hands around the pumpkin to make it look the way you want.

7. Using your hot glue gun, glue the stem to the top of your pumpkin holding the stem for 1-2 minutes for adhesion. 

8. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!! AKA...ooh and ahh and show everyone what you made!

These were so quick and easy to make! We made so many within just an hour once we got rolling! They are lined down my dining room table for now. Every time I walk by them they just make me smile.

What DIYs have you been tackling for fall?

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  1. I LOVE them!!! You are so crafty!!! I wanted some too but refuse to pay that much!!!!

    1. Thanks sweet lady! Maybe I should start my own business and sell them for half the price! :) Hope you are having a great Monday!


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