Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Treats #2- Ideas from around the web

Welcome to Tuesday! What do you all have planned today? Isn't Tuesday a weird day?....I mean it isn't the beginning of the week, but you aren't to hump day yet. You are kind of just stuck between the beginning and middle of the week. Do you feel stuck today? HA! (that was a weird thought....anyway moving on)

I have found some more treats for all of you today. I love when I find a clever idea or neat trick from some fabulous bloggers from around the web.

ONE: I absolutely love the look of dried hydrangeas for fall. My friend Kim shares her secret on the correct way to dry them to get that perfect look.

TWO: Have you seen Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady's new home in LA? Architectual Digest did a large featured post about their gorgeous and a bit over the top 22,000 sqft home. 

You also need to check out what my friend Cassie had to say about
their home being simple? HA! You must read her post HERE!

THREE: Walmart is seriously stepping up their game with their online supply of fashionable furniture. I am normally not a Walmart fan, but check out this beautiful upholstered daybed. I may have to convert after seeing this beauty.
FOUR: Do you ever have a hard time getting motivated to work out or clean your house? Yeah...well I will admit I am the procrastinator of all procrastinators when it comes to working out. My friend Megan put together an amazing playlist of 60 songs that will get you movin and bootie shakin for sure!

Go HERE for the full list. 

FIVE: Last, but definitely not least is this beautiful barn that was converted into a workshop/office for my friend Rachael. She is one talented designer and DIYer. You must check out all the images HERE

What ideas or tricks would you like to see featured on Tuesday Treats? Which one was your favorite from today?

Happy Almost Mid Week!

If you missed last week's Tuesday Treats click HERE.


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