Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Treats from Around the Web

Well hello my friends! Yes it has been over two weeks since I have posted anything on this little ole blog. I believe that is a record or something. I have missed you dearly and am excited to get back into the swing of things. Believe me...I would have rather been hanging with all of you than completing the daunting task of looking up 120 homes in the Raleigh/Fayetteville area and creating a comparative market analysis on each one. Yikes! The task is complete and I am anxious to share some ideas on my mind today.

Between my large task over the past couple of weeks, I would get on the computer to read a few blogs that I follow and also do some research for clients and/or friends. Tuesday is going to become my day to share some "treats" from around the web that I have found inspiring or helpful.

ONE: This first treat I am totally going to take a stab at in my own home: How to paint stripes the right way! My friend Megan shared a How to on her blog last week.

Aren't those wide stripes fabulous!? I thinking I am going to try and tackle some in my entryway hallway. Wish me luck!

TWO: Okay this next treat is just adorable and so cheap and simple! How about spray painting those alphabet magnetic letters gold? Seriously awesome! I have a black refrigerator and these little guys would really pop and create some chic artwork in my kitchen!

THREE: I made this breakfast smoothie this morning and it is delicious! The Hubs and I have been drinking different types of smoothies in the morning to get a jump start to our day. We often mix fruits, vegetables, flax seed, chia seeds, yogurt and coconut milk. This has been my favorite morning tradition plus a healthy alternative!

FOUR: Do you ever feel like everyday you are Hustlin' to get everything done? Really? Not me...HA! JUST KIDDING! I feel the same way. Well my friend Chelsea designed this FREE wallpaper for your desktop! I am so going to download this today. Wouldn't this be fun to open your computer up to in the morning!?

FIVE: I came across this image yesterday and I am loving the touches of classic, modern, rustic and bohemian all in one space! I have crushes on rooms that seem to be collected over time. They seem more personal and cozy. You can check out the full tour of Margaret Elizabeth's home HERE

Well that wraps up this Tuesday's Treats! Thanks for sticking with me over the past couple of weeks. So excited to share some projects and Fall inspiration with all of you this week!

Have a Terrific Tuesday All!

P.S. I have a little survey going on my facebook page. Care to give me your opinion?? 


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