Monday, August 12, 2013

Picking Vanity Colors using {Small Wall}

While I was at Haven Conference I met Jenna from SAS Interiors. She is one talented blogger as well as interior designer/decorator. Jenna was able to come to the conference with the help of some fantastic sponsors. One sponsor that she was promoting was Small Wall. If you haven't used these before, then you will need some after I get done with this post! She was nice enough to give me a sample to try out!

How many times have you picked the wrong color for your room? Ummm.. I am right there with ya! These 12"x12" adhesive backed sample boards will really help with your color decisions. They are the perfect size where you can really sample the color and they have a sticky back that won't ruin your walls.

Here are the two samples that I am trying out for our Master Bath Vanity. You can see how I hung them right on the wall and the wood vanity. I could use these many more times without the adhesive wearing down.

Jenna told me you can paint over these samples and use them many times without having to get new ones.

This color is more true to the eye in the previous two pictures.

Aren't they great!? Now you don't have to have millions of paint samples on your walls. (You can thank me later...and your welcome!)

What color are you leaning toward for my vanity? Remember my inspiration picture HERE?

Any painting going on at your house?


  1. What a great idea Amy, with me it would be between the Urban Bronze. Beautiful!

    1. I think I might be leaning toward the Urban Bronze too! Now I have to get it painted...stay tuned!


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