Thursday, August 15, 2013

Top 5 Design Mistakes {Number Two}

Last week we started this series by talking about Design Mistake Number One: Too Much of a Good Thing. This was referring to matchy matchy furniture. If you are guilty hop on over and see how you could change your decorating mistakes.

This week we are talking about Design Mistake Number Two: Lost in Space.

This refers to artwork throughout your home. Do you ever feel the need to put a picture on a wall just because you have an empty spot? I was also guilty of this in the past. Just know that you don't have to have artwork or pictures on every wall of your home.
Take a look at the picture above. There are exactly two pieces of artwork in this large space. They may be meaningful pieces, but don't make an impact at all because they are lost in the space around them.

Below are a few more examples of what NOT to do. {Since we are realtors in the Raleigh area I found these on our local listing site. If you live in or around Raleigh and these are pictures of your home...I apologize! Don't want to diss...Just want to educate others!}

This is obviously a beautiful home and probably staged by a professional, but could we get some larger artwork please!? I do like the fact they were trying for a group of pictures, but in order to make a bigger impact the pictures need to be larger in scale.

There is a lot going on in this family room, but notice the focal wall? A TV with three iron work circles above. Since this is the main focus when you walk into the room, it NEEDS to be the focus. How about some artwork framing the TV so it doesn't stand out?

Let's talk about what you can do to your spaces to spice it up a little with artwork.

Two things to remember about artwork:
1. It needs to work to scale
2. It should compliment your room

Now look at this focal wall! The TV is no longer the center of attention. It now blends into the gallery wall and becomes apart of the art. 

Here is another great example of scaled artwork. This large piece makes an impact and brings all of the colors together in Emily's living room. Notice this is the only artwork in this room. She didn't need to hang pictures on each wall since this gave her the wow factor for the whole space. 

Even though this focal wall only has one piece of art, it is well scaled to fit the wall where the console table is positioned. It also gives some air around the picture so your eye can settle on all of the textured pieces around the room. 

I love this example of artwork to scale, but also how it compliments the room. I think one of the best options if you need to fill a large space is a gallery wall. Whether it is a symmetrical gallery wall or a combination of sizes and colors...they are my favorite! There are so many great ideas on Pinterest and you can check out my whole board on gallery walls Here

So..are you guilty of artwork that is Lost in Space? or just hanging a picture any ole place just to find a place for it?

If you are stuck and not sure what direction to go with your artwork, email me some pictures of your space at eatsleepdecorate(at)gmail (dot)com.

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