Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What I'm diggin Lately

Of course most of my work is done on the internet and sometimes I may or may not get distracted by Pinterest, Blogs, Decorating sites, etc. I find so many inspiring things on the internet. It is truly amazing all the talent there is out on the web! Seriously!

Here some items that I have been keeping my eyes on lately:

Aren't these faux birch straws amazing!? They would be so fun for a winter party.
You can order some here.

I am really loving this double X bench by Ballard Design. You could use this is so many spaces around the house. It could be an entryway bench like above or if you needed more seating in the dining room you could pull it up to the table for dinner! 

Ummm....Hello! Have you seen these? Corkcicle's?! I came across these in Hilton Head, SC last week. They would be the talk of the party! You seriously just place them in the freezer and when it is time to keep your wine cool, you pop it in! Check out their site. It was also voted one of Oprah's Favorite Things this year! They would be fabulous hostess gifts at only $24.95!

Fairy Gardens have intrigued me lately! I think they are so darn cute! I would think they are also very easy to manage and keep alive. There are so many to pick from on pinterest! I did find a great post on how to make 5 minute Tiny Gardens. Check out Melissa's post here

I couldn't seem to find the source behind this great idea, but how about adding a pop of color to your room by painting the edge of a door?! Maybe you really love color, but don't want to make a large leap into the color wheel. This would be a perfect "pop" in any room. Subtle, but fabulous! I might seriously have to try this one out.

Oh..Bangles! A Girls best friend! These beauties are from a new company called Stowe Street. One of my sister-in law's good friends is the designer of these beauties. They are also reasonably priced. I am definitely going to have to grab me some of these. There are so many colors and designs. You can even pair many of the designs together for an evening look or day look. 

Well those are some products and ideas I am diggin lately. What have you found around the web that has inspired you? Do tell!


  1. I LOVE the painted door edge!!!! I have to try that! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I know isn't that an awesome idea!? I might have to try it after the holidays!


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