Thursday, November 29, 2012

{DIY} Ruffled Tree Skirt

A few months ago I found this tutorial on HGTV. I knew that since I wanted my holiday decor to be simple and a bit rustic this year, I decided to try my hand at the Ruffled Tree Skirt that is floating all over Pinterest!

Most of the tutorials are for "No Sew" Ruffled Tree Skirts, but mine is a "kinda sew" tree skirt. I called one of my elves for help...AKA my mother-in law. I knew I wanted the skirt to look like burlap or linen, but decided that burlap would fray and linen would get too wrinkly in storage. So we decided to use Osnaburg which looks just like linen without the hassle of ironing! 

My mother-in law cut 6" strips and folded them in half. She then used her ruffle foot for the sewing machine and set it on every 4th stitch to ruffle. She pretty much did the hard part! Once all the ruffles were made, we got to work putting the skirt together.

We used a white canvas fabric for the base. You can see this tutorial here on how to fold the fabric to cut a perfect (or close to perfect) circle. Mom and I used a different tree skirt and just traced the pattern from there.

We also zig zagged the edge of the base so it wouldn't unravel.

NOW...the "NO SEW" Part!!

We started at the bottom of the skirt and worked our way up. Using a hot glue gun we placed a small line of glue where we wanted the top of the ruffle to be. We slowly worked our way around the first row of ruffles.

We then started the second row of ruffles just above the first. We just eyeballed where we wanted the ruffle to stop. We wanted the bottom of the second ruffle just to cover the seam of the first row.

On and one we went....round and around! Until we got the look we wanted!

I am very curious to know how many glue sticks we used! It really did take us a couple of hours. But I think it was totally worth it! Don't you?

Here she is in all her glory around our Christmas Tree!.....

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  1. Your tree skirt turned out fantastic, Amy. It looks like a lot of work but well worth the effort. Lucky you to have such a talented mother-in-law!

  2. I haven't seen this on Pinterest yet, but it's super cute! You guys did a great job! I like.

    1. Thanks Kim. It took a while to finish, but I love how it turned out!

  3. That looks spectacular! I just finished my own tree skirt by making and sewing on just one ruffle edge and it took for ever. Your method is so much better :)

    Love it!!

  4. So darling! I love anything ruffled :) Thanks for joining our Christmas Cheer party today!


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