Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekend Trip to Hot Atlanta....shopping & house drooling

This past weekend we took a quick trip down to Atlanta to see my Aunt and Uncle. They live in the very wealthy area of Buckhead. I always love going there to see the fabulous homes and my Aunt is an amazing cook and always knows the places to take us shopping!

Take a look at some of the homes in their neighborhood:

Quite Unbelievable Huh? I just love how each home is unique and has such great architectural features.
I sure would hate to clean these places, but I guess if you can afford to live in a place like this, you don't clean yourself!

We also ventured out to do some shopping....and where else to start but IKEA!!
New Chair...just in! I love the clean lines and chrome legs!

How about this fabulous closet! YES PLEASE!

How about these new rugs? I love the colors and patterns. I am totally kicking myself for not getting one!

We then stopped at a fabulous fabric outlet!! Let me tell you I was in my glory....I was so overwhelmed by how many fabrics were in this building that I literally didn't buy anything! WHAT? I couldn't make any decisions, so I walked on out with Nada! Have you ever done that?

And...Look what store I found while shopping around.....

I love me some Jonathan Adler! I will have to give you a little glimpse of this store tomorrow!

It was a fantastic weekend and I can't wait to share some of my upcoming projects that I will be working on because of a little shopping in Hot-Lanta!


  1. Wow! I love ATL! :) Would you be willing to email me the name and address of the fabric warehouse/outlet that you went to? My parents live 2 hours away from ATL, and my mom and I love to go hunting for fabric! THanks!

    1. Hey Rachel! It was a blast and you are lucky your mom lives close! I would totally be there all the time if I lived close enough. The two fabric stores are...Forsyth Fabrics (1190 Foster Street) and Lewis & Sheron Textile Company (912 Huff Road). You can look both of these up online! They are also very close to one another. Best of luck!

  2. Ooh! Love those fabrics-- I have the same problem in fabric stores. I want to buy all of it, so I don't buy anything.... What I really need to do is win the lottery to get ALL of it. :-)

    Erin @ The Great Indoors


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