Thursday, August 30, 2012

Espresso in the bathroom

I know some of you like to sip your espresso while soaking in the tub or sitting on the pot!! But I am trying not to visualize that! hehe Today I am here to talk about some choices of bathroom vanities for our flip house.

I always thought I wanted a calming and serene all white bathroom.

That was until I found some fabulous inspirational pictures on the web for espresso cabinets and vanities.
I love the dark wood against a light tiled floor, paint color and/or seamless glass shower. It is still classy, but has a modern edge to it.

all images via Decor Pad

I think we are sold on the espresso for both full bathrooms. Now we just need to decide on the size of the vanities and whether or not we have room for double vanities in both bathrooms.

What do you think about dark espresso cabinets? Any preference?


  1. This would be a difficult decision! They are all so beautiful. If I had to choose, the last bathroom with the open storage would be my favorite.

    1. I do like that open feeling. It would be great for this bathroom as well because there isn't much storage and the master bath isn't very large. It would help open up the space. Thanks for your input!

  2. I have a dark espresso vanity in my bathroom, and like a great black dress, it makes it helps keep things 'roomy' in a small bathroom. I have a few other accents that are black/espresso so it makes 'sense' in a room that is mostly med steel blue, yellow, and white.

    1. Wow...that comment makes no sense! I will blame the late hour! I meant is slims like a great black the vanity appears smaller.

    2. I get what you mean! hehe! Hopefully it will turn out the way I can picture it in my mind!


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