Saturday, May 5, 2012

{Kentucky Derby} Traditions

I am usually not a fan of animal races of any kind, but the Kentucky Derby always catches my eye. I do love the look of a strong steady horse, however my eyes are never really on the horses. There are so many other traditions about this event that fascinate me.

For one, there is the Garland of Roses:

The roses started out as a tradition to be presented to all the ladies who attended the fashionable Derby party. They were such a huge hit that the roses were adopted to be the official flower of the Kentucky Derby in 1904. Each year the Garland of over 400 roses is draped over the winning horse.

Also loving the Mint Juleps:

This is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. Each year more than 120,000 mint Juleps are served over a two day event for the Kentucky Derby. Check out the official recipe here.

My ultimate favorite tradition is the "Dress to Impress" attitude:

I love how a simple horse race can show off the classy side of spectators.

Ladies put their best spring attire on, showing off pastel dresses, pearls and high heels. 

The men pull out their best suit jackets, pastel ties and khaki pants. 

But wait...the most important item that sets the Derby apart from all other sporting events is the amazing parade of HATS!

Large or small, Modern or old-fashioned, striped, feathers, bows, flowers, big name it, the Derby has it!

So...are you watching the race? If so, are you watching the race or the fashion show?
Have a Great weekend!


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