Monday, May 7, 2012

My Weekend {According to Instagram}

Yes it is a fine Monday morning! The sun is shining through my front window and the flowers I bought myself this weekend are smiling at me. I am ready for a new week!

Here are some glimpses into what I was up to this weekend:

Bought some flowers for myself from Trader Joes!

Celebrated Cinco De Mayo with a Pina Colada and.....

....Homemade Nachos! Delicious!

Had some major rain this weekend! There was some serious flooding in our front yard!

Spray painted some frames gold! Can't wait to show you where I am putting them!

Relaxed Sunday morning with a certain someone on my lap! 
(aka Chatterbox)

Yummy Breakfast

Had our first ever bonfire in our new fire pit our parents bought us for Christmas!

And last, but certainly not least......I finished the front door!! 
Can you guess which color I picked?

More photos of the front door to come later today! It is quite a change!

How was your weekend? Cheers to Monday!

1 comment:

  1. I'm drooling over those nachos, Amy! And I love the new front door. Bold and fun!


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