Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh I {Heart} Martha

You guessed it...I am talking about THEE Martha Stewart.

(Quick side note: When I was growing up in NY, my dentist was Martha Stewart's brother! No Lie! He even had her signed pictures up in his office. I thought I was so cool and would tell all of my friends. Pretty cool huh? I know you are all jealous! HA!)

One of my favorite items for my giveaway last week were the fabulous Chalk Board Labels. Martha has an awesome new office line at Staples. All of her items are also reasonably priced. There are so many wonderful items to help organize not just your home office, but closets, pantries, drawers, etc.

Check out some of my favorite items from Martha's new line:

What do you think about all that fabulous organization? Are you ready to run to Staples?

I think Staples was very smart in letting Martha advertise her office line! I know that I will be using a lot of her items because they are reasonably priced. I love The Container Store, but really have a hard time justifying the prices there. I walk out of that store broke! The prices won't stop me from going, however I can just run down the street to Staples and find some beautiful organization for half the price as well!


  1. I love her line at Staples! I recently bought the chalkboard labels, and kitchen labels. It's great for those of us (like me) that are "cricut"less!


  2. You and me both! I love me some Martha!!

  3. I got lost in Staples last week looking at all of it. I ended up with the Accordion File for a new mail station and several labels. :)


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