Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Master Bath Linen Closet {Reveal}

So at last I have finished one of my many projects from this past weekend. I have conquered the dreaded linen closet in our master bathroom!

Yes it looks all pretty now, but that was so not the case last week. 
Here are a couple of before pics:


Everything was just thrown in our linen closet with no order whatsoever! You can even see that I started collecting some organizing baskets, but never made the time to actually use them. I got so sick of trying to dig through mounds of lotions, medicines, hair supplies, etc. I NEEDED a change!!

First Up....Clear Out Everything!
(That looks so much better already!)

All supplies were everywhere.....bathroom counter, bedroom floor, on the master bed and into the upstairs hallway. It was amazing to see all that I had accumulated over 4 years of living here! Gee-sh!


Next Step was to get all my containers into one location and decide what would be going in them. 

During this process, I started getting a little overwhelmed by all the stuff I had! I got a little distracted with choosing a paint color for the downstairs entryway. You can read about that here. I had 9 paint samples and I was only going to use 1 for downstairs. What a waste of paint and MY Money! So I had an idea....(I told you I get distracted easily). I decided to use one of my paint samples from Sherwin Williams that I wasn't going to be using downstairs. Have you ever seen Sherwin Williams paint samples? I would hardly call it a sample! 

So you guessed it.....I ended up painting the inside of my linen closet using Collonade Grey.

I know I am crazy...but it does look purrrrr-tay!!!

While I was watching the paint dry (literally), I got a second wind and organized all my bathroom supplies into the baskets and organizing bins.

First Aid stuff in one, Medicine in another! (I swear we are never sick! It just looks like it!)

Beauty Travel Supplies in one, Lotions and SPF in another!

I also found these little canvas beauties for $4.99 at Target. These house all of my everyday items that I can grab quickly.

I was almost finished, but wanted to add a little more of my OCD to the project. How about a little Martha?

Yep...I labeled those son of a guns and they didn't even know what happened!
(It looks like a kid wrote on them! Have you ever tried to write with regular chalk?)

I organized so much, that I even had a little room on the bottom shelf for a small tray I picked up at Goodwill long ago for $2.00!
Ain't she pretty?

Okay, I have held you off long enough.

How about some After Pics!!!??

Before:                                                                                 After: 

What do you think? I am pretty pumped! I think I am done organizing closets for a little while. On to Big and Better Things! I love the outcome, but closets really get on my nerves! :)

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  1. The closet looks great!!! It feels so good to get organized! Great idea to paint the closet, it adds a lot of character! I meant to tell you that Mindful Gray is what we painted our master bedroom...you may have already decided on your color but you are welcome to come see our room to see how it looks in a larger space! Can't wait to see your entryway!

  2. love the new closet! Where did you find the grey baskets?

    1. Thanks so much! I actually found the gray metal baskets at HomeGoods. I love how much they hold and how they look against all the other organization! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Looks great. And your chalk penmanship is WAY better than mine any day. :)


    1. Thanks Laura! I am not a fan of my own handwriting, so that was quite a complement. Have you ever tried to write with that chalk! Not easy! HA!

  4. Looks wonderful!! Where did you find the hanging baskets/racks to store your hair drier/straightener stuff?
    I'm getting started on cleaning up my under the sink cabinet this week! Thanks for the inspiration!!


    1. Thanks so much! It was a fun project and really didn't take me that long. The hanging baskets are from Home Depot. They are in the section with all the closet organization stuff! Hope this helps!

  5. OK. I need to know. Where did you get the Martha Stewart Labels with chalk. :)

    1. Oh I love these labels! They are from the Martha Stewart office line at Staples! So many fabulous organizational items there!


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