Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Paint Sample Failure & New Outside Digs... I did paint some samples on the entryway wall this week and was going to show you all yesterday, but I was in a really bad mood because I spent all this money and don't like any of them! Uggh! Have you ever done that before? The little paint chips look so different in the store and then  bring the samples home, put them on the wall and.... YUCK! I really don't think the colors flow with the other parts of the downstairs. I took a vote from my mom and sister-in law. They like the third one which is Bedford gray, but I am just not quite sure. It looks awful green in this picture. It really isn't this green in real life, although it does have a little green tint. The other colors I feel are a little too much on the blue side. Remember the whole saga with my master bedroom?

Here are the colors in order: 1. Classic Silver by Behr, 2. Smoke Embers by Benjamin Moore, 3. Bedford Gray by Martha Stewart, 4. Harbor Gray by Benjamin Moore. 

So there you have it! Which one tickles your fancy?? I will be going back to the paint store today to see if I can rummage some new gray colors! If you have any gray paint colors that you love...please share! Remember...this is a small entryway hallway and I can't have the color too dark! Thanks! Would love some help!

On a fun note, I found these colorful plastic Adirondack Chairs at The Home Depot this past weekend.

Aren't the colors fun?! I was really getting pretty excited for spring/summer when I saw these. We were given a fire-pit for Christmas from my mom and dad and I decided that I needed wanted a little color in the backyard. Guess which color I picked? know me so well! I love me some GREEN!

I am pumped to have a place to relax in the evenings while sipping some wine or making S'mores! 
Can't wait! 

Thanks for sticking with me. Hopefully I will have a decision on the entryway paint for you all tomorrow and a little glimpse into my plans for the entryway as well.

Halfway through the week! Cheers!


  1. I feel your pain - grey can be so tricky. I have a shade of it that I love in our master bedroom - seems to be a pure grey but not too dark. It's from the old Martha Stewart line at Lowe's called Sharkey Grey. They should still have it in their computer system if you ask for it! Good luck!

  2. I just saw these today at the ole HD! I'll be buying some too. How are they holding up so far? A reviewer on their site says they're not too great. Still, how cute!

    I found you through Google when I was looking for the chairs to pin. :)

    Love your blog!


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