Monday, February 27, 2012

Featured & Giveaway Announcement!!

Happy Monday All!
It sure is a dreary day here. I am anxious to get a little painting done in the hallway today since I can't go outside and play! Be sure to come back tomorrow...I might need some helping picking a paint color! I am so indecisive about this stinkin entryway!

Well...last week Cassie was wonderful enough to feature my Wood Shim Sunburst Mirror.

Please check out her wonderful post on all the neat DIYers that she has influenced! I really like her funky style and she has really created some neat spaces in her home.

Thanks Cassie!


Since Eat.Sleep.Decorate. has reached 50 plus followers, there is going to be a BIG giveaway next week! I am going to call it: Eat.Sleep.Decorate's Favorite Things Giveaway! I wish I could give you all a car like Oprah, but I am just not that rich! Instead I will be giving away some great items to help you give a little punch to your decor!

I promise to be back tomorrow to talk about decorating and such. It was another long weekend of visitors and celebrating my Momma's birthday! I will need lots of coffee and a good kick in the pants to get some projects done for all you lovely readers!


  1. Congrats on being featured and on 50 followers!!

  2. Maybe I make 51!!! I just found you a week or so ago. I love to re-do things and you have great tips!

    1. Thanks for following! So glad you are along for the ride!


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