Wednesday, October 12, 2011

For the Love of....

Gray & Yellow

I am totally in love with the color gray. I really think it is fabulous. Many people are scared to try gray in their homes because they feel that it will make their room very sterile and not so inviting. Many think that it would make their home feel cold.

I am the opposite. I think gray is the new "neutral", just like beige has been the neutral over the past 10 years or so.

Gray is very versatile. It adds a kind of modern sophistication and when you add a pop of color like yellow, orange or turquoise it adds the warmth people are looking for.

Isn't this kitchen gorgeous? Very simple and a great use of space.

How about this sliding barn door! I think I'm in love!

OK...if you are not drooling by now...there is something seriously wrong! I love everything about this room: The painted lines to look like molding, the carpet that looks like ornate tiles, the bedding and the yellow tufted ottoman. Oo La La!

This room is very regal! It gives you an idea how you could mix gray and yellow with some black and white. The chrome fixtures around the room really draw your eye into the room. Just beautiful!

Light and bright mantel. Doesn't it remind you of spring?

Those Yellow chairs really pop with the gorgeous herringbone patterned floor.

So have I convinced some of you that Gray can be warm and Fabulous!??


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