Thursday, October 6, 2011

DIY Fall Burlap Wreath for Under $15

I think I might have told you all that I am obsessed with Burlap this fall. I have found so many neat things to make out of burlap! I went to JoAnn's the other day and bought 4 yards of this crazy stuff! When I walked up to the register to pay for it, the girl told me she didn't like the smell of burlap because she grew up on a farm with horse and hay, etc. She said that burlap reminds her of her childhood. I thought that was hilarious! I told her at least she doesn't live with me! I love Burlap! (I seriously think she thought I was crazy!)

Oh on with my post.

I decided to try and make a wreath of some sort for my front door. My friend Katie from Thrify Finds and Redesigns inspired me with her burlap wreath actually made out of a vintage potato sack! So cool.

I started with this styrofoam wreath that I got from Michaels.

I used burlap scraps from another project and started wrapping the burlap around the styrofoam wreath. I used one straight pin to hold down the final end.

It ended up looking like this:

I thought it looked pretty neat just plain burlap, but I am not a plain girl and I thought it needed a little bling of some sort. So I decided to start wrapping some orange ribbon on top of the burlap. I used straight pins to pin down each end, so I could take the orange ribbon off after the Fall season and add something new!

Not too shabby:

It still needed something else, it didn't feel off to Michaels AGAIN!
I found an aisle full of these little beauties...all sizes and colors.

I tried rearranging them in different patterns around the wreath. Once I finally decided on what worked, I used straight pins to pin them into the styrofoam. That way it would be easy to remove these felt flowers and I could reuse this wreath for a different season.

And the finished product.......

I think it looks pretty good! As you can see, I hot glued some orange ribbon to the door hanger just to add a little more color and to hide the shinny silver hanger.

What do you think? I really love that I can take the wreath apart and easily change it with the seasons.

Here are what the prices looked like:
1. Styrofoam Wreath- $5
2. Burlap (4yrds for $11)-Prolly used $2
3. Orange Ribbon- $2
4. Felt & Cloth Flowers-$4
TOTAL: $13.00

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  1. AMY! It looks amazing! I love the orange ribbon with the burlap and those flowers are so cute! I love that you kept everything removable, such a smart way to be able to reuse your burlap wreath! Thanks for the shout out too!

  2. Visiting from Home Stories A2Z... Love this wreath! So cute and simple, and I love that it's easily reusable for other seasons.

  3. Saw you on The CSI Project... Super cute wreath. Love the orange pop of the ribbon w/ the burlap.


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