Sunday, October 9, 2011

DIY Black & White Pumpkins

Ok Okay.... I know it is Sunday and I usually don't post on Sundays, but I couldn't resist! I was so excited to show you how awesome these cute black and white pumpkins came out!

I have definitely been in the Halloween/Fall mood this weekend. I have been DIYing like crazy!

I found two plain white pumpkins at Michaels last week. I was thinking I would add them to my Fall mantel decor. When I placed them on the mantle, they just seemed a little boring to me. They needed a little sumthin sumthin! HA! So...I decided to turn my Fall mantel into a Halloween mantel.

I started using blue painters tape to make zigzags around the pumpkin.

Once finished, I took the pumpkin outside and added some blue tape to the stem so it would keep the original brown color. Then I went to town spray painting the pumpkin Glossy Black Lacquer.

Once the paint was dry, I started pulling off the blue tape.
{I must tell you that when I went outside to see if the paint was dry, I noticed that the sprinklers were on! you can tell the paint dripped a little. Ah Well...makes it look a little more Halloweenish!}

And...wah la! Cute Halloween pumpkins!

As you can see, I decided to do the second one in slanted stripes. It turned out pretty cool as well!

What do you think? Not perfect...but I just love them!
I can't wait to share my Halloween Mantel with you all tomorrow!

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