Friday, August 12, 2011

Fabulous Friday

So I was thinking today about rooms that really inspire me or rooms that really grab my attention. They all have something in common.....a little "BLING"! When I refer to "bling", I am referencing PILLOWS! I Love Large, soft, square, circular, lumbar, euro, king size, any size PILLOWS! Anyone and everyone who has stayed at my house knows how much I love pillows. {They have to take like 10 off just to get into our guest bed!}

I think they add texture, class and a little whimsy to a room.

Pillows are to a room like shoes are to an outfit. BLING!

Here is some "Bling" for your Fabulous Friday!

    Ikat Etsy                                      Aldo Lindemuth

  Sarah Richardson                         Nude Fergie

Aldo Blue Striped                          Marine Striped

       Kelsi Degger Yellow                        West Elm Pleated


       Designhole                        Tribeca Green

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Amy ©


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