Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Anthropologie Crush

I don’t know about you….but I have a total CRUSH on Anthropologie!! Every time I walk into that store my eyes go wide and drool starts falling out of the sides of my mouth. (not really…but you get the picture!!)

The displays are so artistic and AMAZING! Who would have thought hanging marshmallows from strings would be beautiful?

…or growing moss on the outside of a store would make you feel like you are walking into a forest?

.....or making you feel like you are in Alaska with this Igloo made out of plastic gallon bottles?

How about an art display using pieces of bread?


I especially love the design that was put into each piece of clothing that they make.  Every outfit is very unique. I really embrace being an individual and I think Anthropologie backs up that school of thought.

After walking through the store, looking at everything I can't afford, I usually end up near the home decor area. Once again their decor is so unique. I can't help but look at every knob and pull at least 3 or 4 times. Their dishes are just adorable and can be used for any occasion. The kitchen items are so retro and to die for! The list goes on and on!

So my recent trip to Anthropologie was a home decor success! Lookie what I bought!

Love these precious Ikat bowls. I have already used them for entertaining.

Oh and the drawer pulls....Beautiful! (You will see where these end up very soon!)

How about this adorable ceramic egg crate? I use this on top of my dresser to hold my fun earrings! {Thanks for the idea Jen!}

And...I can't forget the item I splurged on!

You are going to laugh!

My absolutely favorite candle in the entire world! The Muscari Candle! It was $18.00! YIKES! But....well worth every single penny.

Ok…now that I am totally giddy and excited over these Anthropologie finds….I must leave you to enjoy!

Anyone else totally crazy for Anthropologie?
Happy Tuesday!

Amy ©


  1. I love Anthropologie too! I am like you, always in the home decor section! I am hoping to buy some pulls for a dresser makeover I am doing soon! A friend of mine sent me one of their vases for my birthday this year, everything they make is so unique and beautiful! Now if we could only get them to open one in FQV! haha, I won't hold my breath!

  2. Those bowls really get my heart racing, I am trying so hard not to drop everything and go there right now. And great use for the egg crate, I do the same and love it!



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