Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What's On Your....Kitchen Counter?

Last month 8 of us bloggers posted what was on our bathroom vanities. This month's post is all about our kitchen counters. I would love to share an amazing kitchen with all of you, but alas you will see the real deal through the pictures below. I did clean up a little for you because there are usually some dishes in the sink and mail on the bar. But you all get the idea...this is real life.

The kitchen is the heart of the home....is it not? The place where meals are made, discussions are held, junk gets piled and messes are all around. I have a feeling that my semi-picked up kitchen will only stay this way for a short period of time. When these babies come it is going to be filled with bottles, burp clothes, wash clothes and the like. But I wouldn't want it any other way!

When we moved into this home 7 years ago, we were thinking it would be our home for 3-5 years. So I really haven't done much to the kitchen other than adding a back splash. I dream of granite counters and painted cabinets, but feel blessed just to have a functional and pretty large kitchen for now.

Everything has a place. You can always find some fruit in our white bowl, cutting boards leaning against the back splash and some ingredients by the stove.

The bar side of the kitchen usually has some mail and news papers piled as well as my semi-organized drop spot that I showed you all here. I always have a pad of paper with our ongoing grocery list so the hubs and I can write down items right away without forgetting what was needed later in the week.

And of course what would be a counter without a little coffee station. An antique tray that I found for $2.50 helps coral the grinder and keeps the mess off of the counter top.

I really try to have some flowers in the kitchen to make me happy. Doesn't always happen, but it was my new years resolution a couple of years ago and I find the kitchen much more cheery with some pretty flowers...even if they are from the clearance section at the grocery. My dish scrubber always has a place to rest, which I find helpful when trying to keep the sink clean from grime and water spots.

And that is the exciting world of my kitchen counters! HA! So I am thinking you all need to spill the beans on what your kitchen counters look like at the moment? Come on mama's out there....make me feel better by telling me how crazy my kitchen might look with the little twins here in just a short couple of months!

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  1. I love the pendants over your peninsula! So stylish!

    1. Thanks Brenna. Some of my favorite lighting from West Elm!

  2. Everything in its place - just love your white bowl and the pendant lights are amazing!

    1. Thanks so much. I get many compliments on those fabulous lights from West Elm. I found the white leaf bowl while on vacation in NY!


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