Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What's On Your......Bathroom Vanity?

Welcome new and old readers! I am so excited to be apart of this fun series called "What's on Your?...." A few other fabulous bloggers and I will be sharing the pretty, the bad and the ugly around our homes over the next few months. To kick off this series we are looking at what we have on our vanities for February.

For the most part, this is one area of our home that we keep pretty well organized. I set up a tray in the middle of the vanity for the items that I use most frequently. 

The antique tray was found at a thrift store and holds my everyday facial products. Everything that I use in the morning and at night is at an arms length! 

I found these adorable acrylic canisters at The Container Store and the small bowl from Anthropologie. 

A quick and easy DIY....adding pebbles to a small vase to hold make up brushes! This has seriously been the cheapest and most used DIY to date!

That's it folks! Nothing too exciting on my vanity. This was one area that I thoroughly organized last year and now everything has its place. I have even organized the drawers, which you can check out Here. The Vanity was also painted Urbane Bronze. You can find my bathroom updates Here.

Next month you won't be as impressed....we will be talking kitchen counter-tops! Yikes.... Things are about to get real! 

Thank you so much for stopping by! Now let's see what the other bloggers have on their bathroom vanities....

Brittany French- Brittany
Design Chic- Kristy
Little Black Door- Elizabeth
Southland Avenue- Mary Keller & Heath

So tell me....what is currently on your bathroom vanity? We won't judge...promise! 


  1. Love the pebbles in the brush canister. I'm going to have to try that one!

  2. Beautiful! I love that tray - is it vintage? And the little blue bowl is really sweet!

    1. Thanks Cathy! Not sure if the tray is vintage...but got it from a thrift store for really cheap!

  3. So pretty and organized. Love the tray and the Anthropologie bowl is perfect for your jewelry!

    1. Thanks so much! Anthro bowls are really perfect anywhere..aren't they?

  4. I believe I have the same type sink.top like yours, all one molded piece, not separate parts. I have a question...the one in my bathroom has some scratches on it from the previous owners children. Do you know if there is a way to rub them out and get rid of the scratches without having to replace it all????

    1. Hi Rose...not sure how you would get those scratches out. We have some really minor ones that you can't really see, so I haven't run into that issue yet. I will ask around and see if there is a way to get them out! Thanks for stopping by!


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