Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Our Nursery Closet Details & {How To}

Well it's Hump Day my friends! I am so so glad. Ready for the weekend already!

Today I wanted to share some details on how we created a functional closet for the nursery as well as show you my stencil techniques (even though I just made them up myself!).

This closet is very small and before we made changes, had only one wire rack at the top:

Some of you smart ones may notice that this isn't the actual closet because I was such a crazy and didn't take any before pics! But...this office closet of ours is the exact size and layout of the nursery closet. So it serves as a perfect before...don't you think!?

So we tore out the wire rack and my brother got to work (while I was at the beach) surprising me by adding the two shelves for the closet.

He Used:
1- 8ft 3/4"x 12" MDF for the shelving 
1- 8ft Closet Rod 
2- 8ft 1x2 clear pine for the support molding
2- sets of wood socket holders
**All cut to size**

I patched the holes, set up my painters tape and started edging the whole closet with the same paint as the room. {Shoji White by Sherwin Williams}

Once that was complete I moved on to the stenciling. As you can see in the picture below, I started at the top and worked my way down. I taped the stencil to the wall and used a foam roller to roll on the darker paint (Anonymous by Sherwin Williams). I would let it dry for 5 minutes, then come back over it once more for a second coat. It is a really large stencil, so I only had to pick it up and move it 6 times. 

Once all the walls were dry, it was time to paint the shelves. We decided to add the sockets before we painted so I could also paint those white then add the poles later. I didn't want to paint the poles because I new the paint would chip from moving of the hangers over them and I liked the natural wood color. 

The sockets were so easy to install. We made sure to measure that they were at the same point on the wood on both sides of the closet then drilled a hole. Thanks to the Hubs for his help of course!

You can see the progression of the closet in the picture below. It was really a pretty simple update and has given us more storage for that sweet tiny room. 

Oh and of course a last before and after. 

I just love this sweet little space! To see more pictures of the actual reveal click HERE.

GREAT NEWS!!! Come back tomorrow for a stencil giveaway of your choice! I am happy to be partnering with Royal Designs to bring you so many choices of stencils!! We all love a fabulous giveaway..don't we?

See you back here tomorrow!


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