Friday, January 3, 2014

Goals for 2014 {House & Personal}

Now that the crazy holiday season is winding down, I have had some time to reflect on the past year and create some goals for 2014. I am more of a goal setter rather than a resolution maker. For one, I feel as though I can never keep my resolutions and then I feel discouraged and quit. A goal seems more achievable for some reason. So here we must keep me accountable this year my friends!

1. Create a more healthy lifestyle:
Even though the Hubs and I are fairly healthy, we can always do much better! I want to make the time to cook more, eat out less, drink more water, add more veggies and fruits to our diets and continue to exercise regularly. A healthy lifestyle also consists of getting enough sleep. We are so at fault with falling asleep on the couch and then dragging our ugly selves back to bed in the wee hours of the morning. It is time to get consistent sleep before we have a little one and then will be getting NO sleep!

2. Take Time To Read:
Because blogging isn't my full time job, you can often find me finishing up projects late at night, catching up on reading blogs, pinterest, facebook, etc. till I go to bed. Even though I love interacting with all of you on social media, I need to take time off of technology at night and start reading books! I have started two of them over the past couple of months and haven't finished because I get so easily distracted with my iphone, TV, movies, etc. This year I will read more with all Technology turned Off!

3. Contentment & Patience:
Let's be honest here...we all struggle with these two words. The first one troubles us when it comes to contentment with ourselves, our home, our jobs... We compare our life with others around us. I am at fault when it comes to my home. I think Pinterest is to blame for this one!! I see gorgeous homes, fabulous outside spaces, huge homes with bonus rooms, finished movie rooms, etc. I need to find contentment with what I have right in front of me. There are always people that are going to have more than I have and people that are going to have less than I have. I am one blessed women and I need to be able to see all the blessings that surround me each day.
Oh Patience...where do I start...Ha! I have had to learn patience through our adoption process this year. I know I am going to need even more patience as we head into this new year. The unknown is the hardest, isn't it? Patience with my husband and with others is another one I need to work on. Taking the time to stop, breath and listen will help me immensely this year.

My house goals might be a little more specific, but they are also going to depend on when a little baby might enter into our lives. I might not get as much accomplished depending on the timing of life. But...isn't that always the case!?

1. Master Bathroom
If you remember I shared my plan for updating our master bathroom a few months ago. Nothing fancy and great, just some paint, a tile back splash around the tub, some floating shelves for organization above the toilet & framing the already existing mirror above the sinks. Well I did get to painting the bathroom and vanity...and well....that is all folks! So this year I will finish those other tasks and I can't wait to see what just a few minor additions can do in that boring space!

2. Master Closet
I did tackle creating a space to hang my bags, organized all my shoes and even made an inspiration board for my outfits. However, this closet is still in need of major organization. Since the Hubs and I share this smaller sized closet we need to add a lower rack for hanging pants and some drawers for socks, underwear, etc. I am thinking of something like the picture below. The Container store is having 30% off this I might have to get going on the closet space asap!

I am also going to try and organize our sweaters and jeans, that are on the top shelf, with some square shelving from target. As long as I can rig the shelves in place, I think it is going to be amazing and I will be one happy girl.

3. DIY Coffee Table
We have been living without a coffee table for about 5 years. Yup! I think it is time that we have a space to place our coffee cups, magazines and accents. My brother inherited some reclaimed barn wood  last year and I have been bugging him to make me a coffee table. Well...for my birthday in September he did assemble the top wood piece together. Now it is my turn to give it a little top coat of polyurethane and have my dad help me weld some legs to the bottom. I can't wait to see how it turns out!
I am going for a similar look like this:

4. Built-Ins
I have always wanted to do something to add a little character in the living room area looking into the dining room. I finally figured out that I want to add built-ins around the passageway like the picture below. This is going to be a bit pricey and I'm crossing my fingers that my brother can help us out with this project. I need to start saving my, but won't it be amazing if I can pull it off?

via BHG

5. Entryway
If you have been following me for sometime now you have seen our small entryway undergo some changes like the molding, paint, stripes, artwork, etc. Well I am ready to change it up just a bit again. Right now we have this furniture piece that has hooks for hanging purses & coats and a bench below to hide some of our shoes. 

I have loved this piece and it was really useful when we lived in our town home a few years ago. But, I am going to try and search (or DIY) a console that I love. I think it will help me be little more organized and a better use of this small space when you enter our home. I am thinking a couple of ottomans underneath the console will also act the same as shoe storage and a place to sit and put on boots. Below are a couple of ideas I have in mind:

6. Nursery
This one I am most excited about! Since we don't know when we will be chosen, I have been taking my time with the nursery. I almost don't want to jinx anything. Do you ever feel that way with moments in your life? I need to slowly work on it bit by bit because once that baby enters our life, I won't have as much time to make the space beautiful. I will be sure to share with you some updates soon! If you missed out on all of the fabulous nursery design can click on over Here, Here, Here and Here! I will be sharing my own design board with all of you and how I incorporated each one of the guest post designs in my plan.

WOW! That seems like a lot to tackle in 2014 and I didn't even mention all the little DIYs that will be going on around here. But as usual I will be keeping you posted on the progress of our home. I also want to share some quick and easy organization tips as the year rolls on. If your house isn't organized, then it is often hard to figure out how to decorate your space! I will share what works for me and will continue to share some Reader Redesign's to keep you inspired! 

How about you?.... After all, this blog isn't just for me to talk on and on about my home and space....what would you like to see on Eat.Sleep.Decorate. this year? I would love suggestions from my fabulous readers! Please leave a comment or shoot me an email at:

Thank you for keeping me accountable in 2014! Here's to an amazing year ahead!


  1. Happy New Year! I love your goals both home and personal ones... in fact several of them sound like things I should set for myself. Can't wait to see all you accomplish in 2014... it will be fabulous!

    1. Thank you sweet friend! Hope it is a great 2014 for you as well! xoxo

  2. I have a problem with being content too... it's something I struggle with all the time! I will stay tuned and see how you do this year!

    1. I think contentment is something we all struggle with. You are not alone my friend! Thanks for following along! xoxo

  3. You will be busy! Always great to have a list of ideas to work towards. Here's praying that nursery design comes sooner rather than later!!

    1. Thanks for your sweet comments! Let's hope I can get my act together to actually have a nursery before this baby comes! Thanks for following along with this crazy journey called life. xoxo

  4. Happy New Year!! I love your goal of contentment and patience. I too find that Pinterest has made me not appreciate what I already have sometimes. Recently purchased a house and I want it all done NOW! lol I wrote a post on it also a few months ago. I look forward to seeing how you achieve all your goals! They all seem achievable!!


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