Thursday, March 14, 2013

Adding Character to your Home {Lighting} Part 1

Last week I introduced you to my builder grade home and let you in on a few molding secrets that added a little character to my once blah home.

Today we are talking about lighting. I am very excited about this topic because I have a slight obsession with chandeliers and pendants! I would buy out whole stores if I had enough rooms to put them in.

By now most of you know about the infamous "boob" lights that are in like every newer built home. I still have a few hanging around mine as well, but have really tried to phase them out. They are a good staple if you are staying in your home for a short period of time or in our case, they are cheap enough to help save money on our flip homes. BUT if you are planning on staying in your home for the long hall or just need to add some class to your home, you need to get rid of those "boob" lights sweet hearts! OR disquise them just like my friend Beth did HERE.

Depending on what your entryway is like, that is where I would start. Do you have tall ceilings or a two-story about a show stopper when your guests walk in?

source unknown

Pottery Barn

Maybe you don't have a very large entryway or foyer but still want that big impact. Apartment Therapy put a list of some fabulous flush mount or semi-flush mount lights that will give you that "bling" you might be looking for.

I love that they mixed some modern lights with traditional and industrial. Each decorating style is pretty well represented. If you want to know the sources you can click here. These lights would also be great in a upstairs hallway or guest bedroom.

Another place in your home where you can make a big impact with lighting is your kitchen. The kitchen seems to be the heart of the home doesn't it? I always think guests will hang out in our dining room or family room, but everyone seems to congregate in the kitchen. Why not make a statement in there as well!


We took down our boring builder grade pendants and added these West Elm Pendants to give our home a little industrial feel. We also added this drum pendant from West Elm above the eating area in the kitchen. I love the texture it brings to the space.

Sorry for the stinky phone pic!

Lighting can be expensive, but you can also find some great deals on craigslist or your local habitat store. Experiment with adding some spray paint, changing out the frosted glass for clear glass or adding some new shades.

Have you thought about changing out your light fixtures to add a little character around your home?

Next week we will talk about adding character with lighting in the dining room and bedrooms.

Happy Thursday All!


  1. Amy - what would you do to update a kitchen with a large fluorescent light? That's what we have in our kitchen... I'd love to get rid of it and add recessed lighting but am wondering if you had any ideas for something more along the lines of just replacing what's already there without major electrical changes/ceiling repairs? Does that make sense? Thanks for any thoughts you have! Kristen

    1. Hi is one site where they took down their fluorescent lighting and replaced it with a chandelier. They used a small amount of trim to the ceiling to disguise where the fluorescent light once was.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Thanks for the tips!

    Also I have been looking to buy some rugs.. anyone know any sites?
    I've heard about Any experiences there? :)


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