Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Artwork {GIVEAWAY} from Hanner Studios

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the great deal that my friends at Hanner Studios had for their local photography sessions. They are so talented and if you haven't checked out their site yet please do!

Besides their photography skills they are also fabulous artists. Nicole at Hanner Studios created a few art pieces for around my home. You may remember seeing a few.....

The Colorwheel painting in my master bedroom

Colorful Cityscape in my entryway

Here is a close up taken with my phone. So many colors and strokes, this must have taken forever!

She also created this color blocking painting for our hallway. This pictures doesn't do it justice. I love the different shades of yellows, grays and reds!

To see more of Hanner Studios Fabulous Custom Artwork click HERE

So all this bragging to say that THREE of Eat.Sleep.Decorate's. followers are going to win one of Hanner Studios Prints!! YAHOO! Who else is excited!?

Here are the choices my friends:

#1: Koi Pond {12x16 with white mat}

Take a look at those vibrant colors....

#2: Lollipop Trees {12x16 with black mat}
Don't they remind you of truffula trees from the Lorax? So Fun!

#3: Tugboat {9x12 with white mat}

Aren't they all just Fab!? I wish I could keep them for myself...but I must giveaway to three of you lucky readers!!

Here is how to enter the giveaway:
**Make sure you are a follower of Eat.Sleep.Decorate. **

1. Visit Hanner Studios website and tell me which painting is your favorite. (leave message in comment section)
2. If you were the winner...which of the three prints would you like for your home? (leave message in comment section)

That's it! You have TWO chances to win. Giveaway is open till Midnight (EST) 2/10/13!!!
Good Luck! 


  1. im loving the costa rica painting!
    I would loooove the Koi pond painting!

  2. The lollipop trees are just beautiful!

  3. I love the colors of the changing leaves in Forest, but I think my favorite is the simplicity of Poppy Field. If I were to win, I would like Tugboat. There's something so serene about the lone tug by the dock, isn't there? Such great artwork!!

  4. The stormy coast is for sure my favorite on her site!

  5. My favorite is Willow Trees...reminds me of looking out through the weeping branches from under a willow on a warm, sunny summer day. If I were to win, I would choose the Koi Pond because I love the vibrant color and movement.

    Carolyn G.

  6. I love the colorwheel painting on her site (and above your bed!). If I won I would love the tugboat paiting.


  7. Excluding the pieces in the giveaway, my fav from their website is the abstract Willow Trees. (entry #2)

  8. Been following your blog for a while now. If I were to win I'd choose the Koi Pond print ... love me some indigo and orange :) {entry #1}

  9. Also love the forest, poppies II and the abstract colorwheel. Gorgeous!

  10. Thank you for the kind words everyone! Thx Amy - we love you!

    To view more samples of our PHOTOGRAPHY sessions and artwork, visit our Facebook page. While you're there, Like Us too!

    Nicole Hanner
    Hanner Studios

  11. I would love the poppies or the color block! I follow your blog!

  12. Such beautiful artwork. I'm a huge poppy fan so I think those are my favorites. If I win (and I'm feeling lucky!), I will pick the lollipop trees. Love the colors!

  13. Being from North Carolina, I'm loving the NC Autumn piece and the Tequila Agave piece is gorgeous as well.

  14. If I was one of the winners, I would pick the Koi Pond painting because of the beautiful, bold colors.

  15. I really like the Colorwheel painting!

  16. If I won the giveaway, I'd choose the Tugboat painting. So serene!


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