Monday, April 7, 2014

It Started With Fabric {Master Bedroom Redesign}

Welcome back to a new week. I am a little slow going this about you? We just might have to make this a 2 cup of coffee morning!

A few weeks ago I was browsing the web for some new fabric for different designs that I am currently working on. I also wanted to find Schumacher's Zimba fabric in charcoal for the valance in the master bathroom. BUT...with the price tag of $70 a yard and a minimum shipment of 2 yards I was not going to slap down that kind of money when I really only need less than a yard. So I started thinking of possibly DIYing the fabric like Sarah did here. It looked way to confusing for me at this present moment with the busy spring season. So I decided to look on some discount sites including Ebay.

Did you all know they even sell fabric on Ebay? Well of course they do! They sell everything! I had never thought to look there.

So I got sidetracked. {At this point you are probably thinking..where is she going with all of this!?} I was on Ebay's site for a looonnng time. So long that I might have forgotten to eat dinner! I didn't find the Zimba fabric I was looking for, but I came across this beautiful fabric...

This pictures does NOT do the colors justice. It so beautiful in person and almost has a sturdy linen feel to the fabric. This fabric is called Chiang Mai Dragon in alabaster and is normally $149 per yard! YIKES! I knew this was a designer's fabric but didn't know it was so expensive. Well I was in luck because the bidding started at $10 on Ebay. Of course when the auction ended it closed at $40, but compared to $149 I think I got quite a deal.

I ended up with probably half of a yard and I am now rethinking my whole master bedroom design because of this colorful piece of fabric....calming whites and grays with a pop of color.

Bedroom Refresh

What do you all think? Have you ever found a deal on Ebay that was too good to pass up?...did you know they even sell fabric on Ebay?


  1. be still my heart!!! that fabric is to die for!!! i usually only by jeans on ebay ($25 for a pair of citizens works for me), but might have to start looking for fabric now. so gorgeous!!!

    1. Thanks Emily! I am excited to spruce up the bedroom and add this fabulous fabric. I always buy home decor items on Ebay, but might need to start looking for designer clothes as well!

  2. So pretty! I have definitely decorated entire rooms around one piece of fabric before. I've never gotten into the whole eBay thing but maybe I should try it!! :)

    1. It was interesting how I just stumbled upon that fabric. I am in love and can't wait to get started sprucing up our bedroom.


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