Tuesday, October 9, 2012

{Flip Home} Update- Tile & Interior Paint Colors

So many recent updates and decisions that have been made on the flip home! Where do I start?!

We are only a couple of weeks out from finishing this beautiful home. I can't wait to share the after pictures. If you haven't been following along check out these posts here, here and here.

So the paint colors have been picked out and most of the walls have been painted. Here is a little sneak peek of the open floor plan. The molding and larger windows have really given this home some character and created that elegant feel the space was lacking.

If you have forgotten what it looked like during construction:
One of these days I will pull out some "before" pictures. This place has really come a long way!

We added a bench near the back entryway. My brother came up with the design. I think it is just fabulous! Now I just need to create a little bench cushion before the open house.

Tile Plan:

We found the accent tile from a local tile store here in Raleigh, NC. I knew it would fit perfectly into the design plan of the home. We added some white 3x6 subway tile as well as a 12x12 sandstone tile floor.

Here is a peek of the floors going in the hallway bathroom:
I am in love already and it isn't finished! These babies are going to look fabulous against the espresso cabinets that will be going in very soon!

This design plan is for the master bathroom. I loved the small hexagon tile and thought it would be perfect in the master shower floor, but we decided to add them in the half bathroom instead. I thought they would get lost in the large shower and felt they would make a bigger statement in the half bath. 

Here is a peek into the half bathroom. I love the wainscoting which comes up to shoulder height on me. The hexagon floors are really going to make this small bathroom shine.

Let's Talk Color:

I wanted the place to feel spacious and didn't want any crazy out of the ordinary colors. The home needed to feel clean and fresh as soon as you walked in, even though it was built in the 1960's. I also wanted the place to feel timeless, so we decided on a neutral palette which left the molding and fixtures center stage in all of the rooms. 

I pulled most of the colors from the same color strip so the home would feel cohesive. Sherwin William's Agreeable Gray is really beautiful. It is a fantastic neutral gray that even pulls out some great undertones during different parts of the day. This color is the main color of the home: Living room, Hallways, Bedrooms & currently the kitchen (may change after cabinets go in). 

Anew Gray is also fabulous. This color is a step down on the color strip from Agreeable Gray. 
The Master bedroom looks like hot stuff in this color. 

Mega Greige is yet again another step down on the color strip. This beauty is painted above the wainscoting in the half bathroom. It really looks elegant against the molding and hexagon tile. 

Aloof Gray is perfect in the Master Bathroom. The Master bath doesn't have much light with only a small window above the toilet, so we had to go light in this space as well. This color has a green undertone that can be paired with gray, tan, blue, yellow or pretty much any color in the rainbow...it is that "perfect" neutral.

Last, but certainly not least....Passive is a beautiful blue/gray. It really pops against the bright white molding in the hallway bathroom. Scroll up to see a peak of the color against the brick patterned floors.
 Isn't it a beauty?

If you missed the exterior paint colors click here and here

Well that about does it for the updates. I am currently working on picking the light fixtures out for the rooms as well as hardware for the kitchen and baths. I will keep you posted on the progress and can't wait to put a FOR SALE sign in the yard. That will be a happy happy day. 

Oh...but wait. These beauties were just delivered last week:
They should be installed by the time I get home from our time at the beach. Can't wait to see!

So that's the news and I am sticking to it. My brother is doing a truly amazing job with the construction and details. We are excited to finish this project and start the next. Details to come....


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